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Property owners are meant to take care of their land and building. If they don’t—and hazardous conditions arise—it could lead to another individual potentially being injured. If you’ve suffered an injury under these circumstances, consider contacting a professional premises liability attorney for assistance. Jack M. Shapiro is a Mount Prospect personal injury attorney that can help with your premises liability claim. As your premises liability lawyer, he is prepared to provide you with knowledgeable advice and guidance throughout your case. If you’re near Buffalo Grove, IL, consider calling today to request a free consultation.

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Understand Your Premises Liability Case

Property owners are held liable for any injuries caused by hazardous conditions they were either aware of or should have been aware of, given the circumstances. Examples of hazardous conditions can include potholes in parking lots, ice on sidewalks, or wet floors in grocery stores. If the issue isn’t taken care of—or proper warnings aren’t put in place—and you are injured, you are entitled to compensation.

Attorney Shapiro is prepared to provide you with the representation you need. The first step is to prove that the accident was preventable. So he will work to gather evidence to support your premises liability claim. From there, he will provide your unfailing support, fighting diligently for your rights to help you pursue compensation.

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When you’re injured at a business, it’s not just the physical pain and financial strain at stake. A premises liability lawyer can help you when you’re injured due to another’s negligence. Attorney Shapiro is an experienced lawyer that’s dedicated to his clients. Call him today to request a free consultation and learn more about how he can help with your case in the Buffalo Grove, IL, area.

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