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A catastrophic injury can have devastating consequences for your life. If that injury was caused by someone else, then you may be entitled to compensation. The Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro is here to provide you with reliable representation throughout your case. Jack M. Shapiro is a personal injury attorney serving clients throughout Buffalo Grove, IL, and the surrounding areas. He is knowledgeable, reliable, and compassionate; partner with him and receive unerring support throughout your case.

Understand Your Catastrophic Injury Case

A catastrophic injury or illness is one that is considered extremely serious. It is considered catastrophic when it has a considerable impact on the victim and requires a massive amount of medical treatment. A catastrophic injury or illness can lead to serious complications that could last for the rest of an individual’s life—or, in extreme cases, can even result in the loss of life. If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury or illness because of another’s negligence, then contact a qualified personal injury attorney for assistance.


Attorney Shapiro is a qualified personal injury lawyer that can help with your catastrophic accident case. He understands that this is an incredibly difficult time and will operate with compassion and respect. He will fight aggressively on your behalf, working diligently to help you pursue the compensation that you’re owed. He is a reliable attorney with extensive knowledge of the field, which he’ll use to support you throughout your case.

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If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury due to another individual, then contact a qualified personal injury attorney for assistance. Call Jack M. Shapiro today for a free consultation. Zoom consultations are available.


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