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When you visit a business or residence, you should expect that the property is safe and there is no reasonable chance of injury. However, property owners don’t always maintain their premises, and slip and fall accidents can occur. Fall accidents can be life-changing events that trigger significant injuries and medical bills. 

If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident and someone else is to blame, you should speak to an attorney today. The burden of proof lies with you, so you need an experienced slip-and-fall lawyer representing your interests. The Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro is ready to fight for your rights in your slip and fall personal injury claim. Our personal injury lawyers in Mundelein can review your case for free to lay out your legal options in Lake County. 

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What Is A Slip And Fall Case? 

Illinois law states that you can receive compensation if you slip and fall on someone’s property. The Illinois Premises Liability Act states that anyone injured on a property owned or managed by another party can file a personal injury claim and recover compensation. 

If you have a slip and fall accident on someone’s property, the owner could be liable for your injuries and medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. Your slip-and-fall claim could be worth various amounts depending on the following factors: 

  • The severity of your injuries: If you fall, hit your head, and suffer a brain injury, the case value would be higher than if you sprained your ankle. 
  • Past, current, and future medical expenses: Months of medical bills, surgeries, and hospital stays would lead to a higher case value. 
  • The amount of lost wages: Being out of work for months from serious injuries would lead to a higher case value. 
  • The degree of pain and suffering from the injury and treatments: Fall accidents with broken bones and other significant trauma would have more value than a case with only cuts and scrapes. 

What Are Slip And Fall Injuries? 

Slip and fall injuries can be severe and even fatal. The most common are: 

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Knee damage
  • Sprained ankle or wrist
  • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Various soft tissue injuries

If dangerous property conditions cause these or other injuries, you should contact personal injury lawyers for legal assistance. 

How Do You Win A Slip And Fall Claim? 

Winning a slip-and-fall claim involves proven several things by a preponderance of evidence: 

  • A condition on the defendant’s property led to a hazard that injured you. Common hazards in business and residential properties that can cause falls are broken steps or pavement, snow and ice, torn or loose carpeting, lack of handrails, spills, poor lighting, holes in the ground, and defective escalators or elevators. 
  • The owner knew, or should have known, about the hazardous condition and fixed it. It’s important to prove if the defendant had actual notice of the hazard or constructive notice. The latter means that the danger was there long enough that the owner should have been aware of it. 
  • You couldn’t have discovered the hazard or protected yourself from injury. For instance, you would not know that a store floor was slippery because it was mopped recently and no signs were posted. 
  • The owner didn’t take reasonable steps to protect guests by fixing the danger. 
  • Because of the owner’s negligence, you suffered damages. 

How A Slip And Fall Lawsuit Proceeds

Every slip-and-fall claim is unique, but these are the typical legal steps for a claim or lawsuit: 

  • Free legal consultation: Attorney Shapiro will assess the slip-and-fall case to determine if there are grounds to file a claim. 
  • Accident investigation: If you decide to file a claim or lawsuit, your attorney will investigate the incident, gather evidence, and determine liability. 
  • Demand compensation: After the accident investigation, the personal injury attorney will write a demand letter for compensation from the at-fault party and their insurance company. The demand is usually sent in a letter detailing your damages and why the recipient is at fault for them. The demand letter is the start of the settlement negotiation process. 
  • Negotiations: Next, your attorney negotiates with the at-fault party to reach a fair settlement. Sometimes, a third-party mediator may be used to advance settlement discussions. The idea is to get a settlement figure that satisfies your compensation needs without going through a lengthy and expensive lawsuit. 
  • Trial: Many slip-and-fall claims settle out of court, but if the insurance company doesn’t offer a fair settlement, the case can go to trial. This will add months to your claim process, but it could be necessary to get maximum compensation. 

Whether your case is settled or goes to trial, always remember to get medical treatment immediately after the accident. Medical records are a vital part of a personal injury claim or lawsuit. They establish the severity of injuries and that they occurred from your slip and fall. 

Who Is Liable For Your Slip And Fall Injuries? 

Many things, including lack of maintenance and no warning signs cause slip-and-fall personal injury cases. Depending on the case details, more than one party could be liable for your injuries and other damages. Your Mundelein slip and fall lawyer will carefully review your case and determine who could be liable for your losses and resulting medical treatment: 

  • The property owner or manager
  • A contractor or employee working on the property 
  • The manufacturer of a dangerous product on the property 
  • The party responsible for the upkeep of the area where you were injured

In most cases, the property owner is at fault for the slip-and-fall injury. For example, many people in the Chicago area are injured in these accidents in grocery stores, malls, or movie theaters. Slip-and-fall claims also arise when people visit a neighbor’s home and slip and fall on steps or near the pool. Your attorney will identify all liable parties, which may increase the chances of receiving compensation for your losses after the fall accident. 

Comparative Negligence In Slip And Fall Claims

If you want to file a claim for damages after falling, don’t be surprised if the defendant claims you were partially at fault. Illinois has a comparative negligence rule that states your potential compensation could be reduced if you were partially to blame for the accident. So, if you have $10,000 in damages and were 20% at fault, your claim compensation would be $8,000. Some arguments that the defendant’s attorney could make regarding shared fault are: 

  • You were on a forbidden part of the property, such as the back room of a grocery store. 
  • You were on your phone when the accident happened and not paying attention. 
  • You were wearing footwear that made it more likely you would slip and fall. 
  • The dangerous condition that injured you was marked, such as with cones or signs. 
  • The dangerous condition should have been clear to you. 

Your Mundelein slip and fall attorney will argue that the accident was caused entirely by the defendant’s negligence. 

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Were you injured in a slip-and-fall accident on someone else’s property? You could have serious injuries requiring medical treatment that prevent you from working and enjoying life. If another party was at fault, you could receive compensation for your slip and fall injuries. Jack M. Shapiro is a highly skilled Mundelein, IL slip and fall attorney who will hold the liable party accountable. 

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