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This article explores the services offered by The Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro, the importance of hiring a proficient motorcycle accident lawyer, and how Jack M. Shapiro can help victims navigate the legal process effectively.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Mundelein

It is not surprising to learn that motorcycle accidents result in much more severe and extensive injuries for the motorcycle rider than those between two similar-sized vehicles. The motorcycle rider does not have the solid protection offered by a car nor the safety provided by an airbag and this often results in the motorcycle rider losing their life.

At the Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro, we have seen the devastating results of many of these accidents and can only suggest that when you are using your motorcycle you make sure to wear clothing in colors that are easy to get noticed by drivers around you and that you pay particular attention to the blind spots of cars when riding next to them. These small actions may be a lifesaver when you least expect it.

Some of the prime reasons for motorcycle accidents are:

Cars Turning Left

If you get a red light and are standing to the left of any vehicle, be mindful of the possibility that the car might make a left turn as soon as the light turns green. Do not attempt to overtake the car by accelerating at that time since you could only be increasing the force of the collision. Be mindful when making a left-hand turn and, in general, when crossing any type of intersection that may not offer all drivers the time or the possibility to spot you. 

Lane Splitting

It is not uncommon to witness motorcycle riders going full speed between cars on major highways and other congested roads. It is understood that their motivation to split lanes is to get to their destination much faster. However, this action is not only not legal in Illinois, it is extremely dangerous to both you and those driving around you. Usually, car drivers do not expect to have a motorcycle speeding next to them when they are trying to change lanes and an accident becomes inevitable.

Alcohol and Drug Use

The use of alcohol or drugs is never recommended when someone is driving either a car or a motorcycle. Unfortunately, this is something quite prevalent and results in countless motorcycle accidents.

Crashing Into Solid Objects

It may be hard to believe but one of the main causes of injuries for motorcycle riders is accidents in which they crash into a solid object such as a traffic sign, light pole, or even a tree. The force with which the rider crashes into a solid object usually results in them being thrown to the ground and sustaining major injuries.

Attorney Jack M. Shapiro Can Help Establish Liability in A Motorcycle Accident

The legal complexities of a motorcycle accident are extensive and can be daunting to understand. Working with a Mundelein motorcycle accident attorney from the Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro means you will have someone who can unravel the legal intricacies and explain the issues that apply to motorcycle accidents.

There are certain aspects that make motorcycle accidents different from those involving other vehicles. To begin with, injuries tend to be more dangerous and extensive but it is also critical to establish who is at fault. To determine liability, your Mundelein motorcycle crash lawyer will thoroughly analyze the accident scene, interview witnesses to take their testimonies and in some cases even bring reconstruction experts.

To make sure that a motorcycle rider is following Illinois’ laws, they should have a valid license and their motorcycle should be registered. Also, they should ride with at least one wide-view mirror, brakes working properly, headlines and a horn, wear protective glasses or goggles when riding and, although the law does not mandate the use of a helmet, wearing one is highly recommended.

Your Mundelein motorcycle collision attorney will investigate the accident to determine liability. Once that has been established, your lawyer will skillfully negotiate with the insurance company and with the lawyer for the liable party to get you the maximum compensation to which you might be entitled. There is a clear advantage to having a legal professional doing the negotiating on your behalf. After all, insurance companies tend to have armies of lawyers at their disposal and this way you can level the field. Your lawyer is also valuable when it comes to determining the fair value of your claim.

Attorney Jack M. Shapiro will analyze the police report and your medical records and add all the expenses you might have had to pay since your injuries such as medical treatments, surgeries, hospital stays, medications you have been prescribed, and more. To that we will add the income you have lost while caring for your health and any bonuses or commissions you may have missed by being unable to return to work. Intangible items such as pain and suffering and emotional distress will also be added to place a fair value on your case. Start the legal process today by calling our office and requesting an initial consultation.

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