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Millions of Illinoisans love their dogs, but they can cause severe or fatal injuries if they attack a person. The Illinois Animal Control Act states that you can file a personal injury claim for damages if someone’s dog bites and injures you. If a dog bit you recently in Mundelein, the Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro can review your case in a free consultation to determine if it could result in compensation. Attorney Shapiro has many years of experience representing dog bite victims and can help you receive the justice you deserve. 

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Illinois Dog Bite Law

You should understand Illinois dog bite laws if a dog has bitten you. Illinois is a strict liability state for dog attacks, meaning the owner is liable for the dog’s behavior in all cases. It doesn’t matter whether the owner knew or didn’t know the dog could be aggressive. 

Many states have a ‘one bite rule’ that means you may only get compensation for dog attack injuries if the owner knows the dog could bite. There is no one-bite rule in Illinois. However, there is an exception if you were trespassing on the dog owner’s property or provoked the dog. The dog owner may not be liable for your dog bite injuries in these situations. 

Another important Illinois law is the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. You have only two years from the date of the injury to file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner. If you are under 18, you must file suit for dog bites two years from your 18th birthday. 

Illinois also has a ‘dangerous dog’ law that allows local municipalities to declare a dog dangerous if it has seriously injured or killed someone or another animal. When a dog is declared dangerous, dog owners are required to take steps to keep others safe. These steps may include keeping the animal in a secured area and posting a warning to passersby. 

Last, Illinois law allows you to recover compensation after a dog attack even if the dog didn’t bite you. The Animal Control Act states that someone injured by a dog or even an attempt to attack can receive compensation from the owner. For instance, you could get compensation if a dog knocked you down and you hit your head. 

What To Do After A Dog Bite Injury 

Being bitten by a dog may cause serious injuries, especially for a child victim. If you or your child were bitten by a dog in Mundelein, there are several critical steps to take: 

  • Get immediate medical attention: Dog bites can be severe, and infection is common. Even if it is a ‘minor’ wound, a doctor should still check it. Plus, you preserve your legal options by having the injury checked by a medical professional. 
  • Report the dog bite: After going to the doctor, you should report the dog bite to the animal control division in your area. This may help prevent future attacks and ensure the animal is restrained or other preventative measures taken. 
  • Collect information and evidence: Gather information about the dog’s owner, including name, address, and phone number. Get the contact information for any eyewitnesses. 
  • Talk to a Mundelein dog bite lawyer: Illinois law entitles you to damages for your losses if you or a loved one suffered dog bite injuries. Speak promptly to a personal injury attorney with deep expertise in dog bite cases. 

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite attacks can be severe, with the most common injuries being lacerations, puncture wounds, and crushing injuries. These devastating injuries can cause various types of scarring, which can have a significant impact on your physical and psychological well-being. 

Hypertrophic scarring, a particularly serious injury from dog attacks, occurs when the body produces excessive collagen as it heals. This may cause the scar to be thick and raised, painful, and itchy. If the scar forms over a joint, it can even restrict movement. 

Another type of scarring is called keloid scars. These are raised scars that often happen after dog bites. This scar may extend beyond the original bite area and may grow over months and years. Keloid scarring is more common in people with darker skin, and treating it is challenging. 

Dog attacks also may cause tremendous psychological trauma. You may feel afraid around dogs for the rest of your life and may be embarrassed about your dog bite scars. Dog bite victims must receive appropriate financial support for their physical and emotional injuries. 

Why Get A Dog Bite Lawyer? 

A Mundelein dog bite attorney who specializes in these claims will help you understand your legal rights for getting compensated. The attorney can also help you collect evidence that proves your claim, including medical records, photos and video, eyewitness statements, and more. Your attorney also can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. 

Another essential duty of your dog bite attorney is to determine if there is liability insurance in effect that could compensate you. Most dog bites happen in or around the home, so the owner’s homeowner’s policy or renter’s policy may be liable for your damages. Most dog bite settlements are covered by insurance, so your attorney needs to identify every possible insurance policy that could pay. 

It is also critical to preserve all evidence in your dog bite case. Turn any proof you have over to your attorney as soon as possible. For example, you may have essential photos and videos of the accident scene or your injuries that could help your claim. 

Compensation In Dog Bite Cases

There are three types of damages you may receive in an Illinois dog bite case: 

  • Economic damages are the out-of-pocket losses you have suffered from the dog attack. You may be entitled to compensation for current and future medical bills, lost earnings, and future income. 
  • Non-economic damages: These are subjective damages you have suffered, including pain and suffering and mental trauma from the accident injuries and subsequent treatments. 
  • Punitive damages are intended to punish the defendant if they were reckless or intentionally injured you. For instance, punitive damages are possible if the dog owner ordered the animal to attack you. 

Personal injury lawyer Mundelein will carefully review your case to determine its worth. He will aggressively negotiate with the dog owner’s insurance company to maximize your compensation. He will also ensure that the dog bite case has been reported to the appropriate animal control authority so a record of the bite is made. If the authorities don’t know about the dog attack, pursuing a claim could be more difficult. 

What Is An Illinois Dog Bite Claim Worth? 

All dog bite cases and injuries are different, so it’s impossible to say what the average claim is worth. However, several factors in these cases usually influence its ultimate value. These are: 

  • The severity of the dog bite attack. The case value is higher if the dog attack caused severe injuries that require months of treatment and recovery. 
  • The amount of medical bills: Higher medical expenses will lead to higher compensation in the claim. 
  • Your amount of lost earnings: If you missed two weeks of work, you would receive a smaller settlement than if you were out of work for six months. 
  • If the dog has a history of aggressive behavior or has bitten someone before, this could result in a higher case value. 

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