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Construction accidents, with their various causes such as equipment defects or negligence, can be complex to navigate. While workers can seek compensation for their injuries through their worker’s compensation rights, these claims are not always straightforward. They can be disputed, denied, or may not cover all damages, underscoring the need for professional legal help.

A construction accident lawyer can help injured workers pursue additional compensation through third-party liability claims, advocate on your behalf if you are dealing with a denied or disputed workers’ compensation claim, determine liability, and protect your rights and interests.

At The Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro, a Mount Prospect construction accident attorney can help injured construction workers pursue fair compensation for their injuries and other damages. A personal injury lawyer will thoroughly analyze the circumstances of your case and work alongside third-party experts to help injured victims expose the liable parties and hold them accountable. 

Contact our law firm today for a free case consultation and learn more about what workers’ compensation benefits apply to your case and if you can seek compensation from a personal injury claim as well. Here is what you should know about construction site accidents and how a Mount Prospect personal injury lawyer can help.

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Understanding Construction Laws and Regulations in Illinois

In Illinois, there are several laws and regulations that aim to ensure worker safety on construction sites, such as the following:

These regulations and codes set the standards for construction site safety and requirements. They stipulate requirements for personal protective equipment, fall protection, hazard communication, permitting requirements, building codes, and more. 

Suppose construction site owners, general contractors, and subcontractors fail to provide a safe work environment under these acts. In that case, construction accident victims can claim workers’ compensation and pursue a third-party lawsuit against them.

Importance of Seeking Legal Representation After a Construction Accident

When accidents occur at Mount Prospect construction sites, injured workers have the right to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. They must report the accident to their employer or supervisor and forward the claim to OSHA.

Insurance claims adjusters will then investigate the case and assess the financial values that must be accorded to the injured. However, workers’ compensation only covers medical expenses and lost wages.

Furthermore, even if it isn’t disputed or denied, a claim might not always represent the actual costs of medical expenses, future treatments, and other damages and losses, as insurance companies and employers may try to minimize the compensation they provide.

Also, construction workers may be overwhelmed by the legal complexities surrounding such claims and might make certain mistakes that could limit or jeopardize their claims.

Conversely, construction accident lawyers can help injured construction workers maximize their compensation, determine liability, navigate the legal process, fight denied or disputed claims, protect their interests, and help prevent costly mistakes.

Construction Accident Lawsuit & Third Party Lawsuit

If a construction accident lawyer cannot secure fair compensation for an injured worker, they may initiate construction accident lawsuits to help their clients pursue compensation. Under personal injury law, a personal injury attorney with litigation experience and who is well-versed in construction accidents can also help injured workers pursue non-economic damages and other benefits not covered by workers’ compensation through a personal injury claim. 

At The Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro, we have proudly represented Mount Prospect injured workers in personal injury cases, seeking fair compensation for their injuries, emotional trauma, future lost earnings, and more.

We have a proven track record of successfully representing clients both in and outside the courtrooms in seeking justice and the benefits they are entitled to.  Contact our legal team for a free consultation. Let a dedicated construction accident lawyer in Mount Prospect help you gather evidence, investigate your case, determine liability, and protect your rights and interests.

Types of Construction Accidents

At the Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro, we take on all sorts of construction accident cases in Mount Prospect, including:

  • Equipment malfunctions or failures
  • Falls from heights such as ladders, scaffoldings, roofs
  • Electrocutions
  • Struck-by accidents (falling objects, collisions)
  • Trench or excavation cave-ins

Common Injuries in Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can result in serious injuries such as:

  • Burn injuries and chemical exposure
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones/fractures
  • Crush injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Amputations 
  • Fatal injuries

Any serious injury can render a worker incapable of performing their duties for extended periods or permanently. As medical bills pile up, along with lost wages, construction workers can be overwhelmed in the aftermath, but an attorney can help you kickstart your claim while you rest and heal.

The Legal Process for a Construction Accident Claim and Personal Injury Lawsuit

In the aftermath of a construction accident, the legal process usually involves the following steps:

  • Seeking medical attention and documenting the injuries
  • Consulting with a construction accident attorney
  • Reporting the accident to the employer and OSHA
  • Gathering evidence and investigation
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim and determining if a third-party liability claim is warranted
  • Negotiating a settlement or filing a lawsuit if parties cannot settle

Working With a Construction Accident Attorney

If you have suffered a serious injury in Mount Prospect, IL in a construction accident, you must secure compensation for your medical expenses and treatment, lost wages, and other damages. 

A Mount Prospect injury lawyer with our firm can help you investigate your case and determine liability, file a workers’ compensation and third-party liability claim if applicable, and negotiate with your employer or the insurance company on your behalf to secure fair compensation.

If negotiations fail, our law firm will litigate your case in court and work alongside third-party experts to further strengthen your case and give you a fighting chance at maximizing your compensation. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, you won’t have to pay anything unless we win your case. Contact The Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro today for a free consultation on your case and take action.

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