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Mount Prospect Car Accident Lawyer

After a car accident, you may feel hurt, lost, and alone. Your insurance company may be unwilling to pay, and the at-fault party may try to avoid compensating you fairly. In these cases, you should seek out a Mount Prospect car accident attorney to guide you through the complexities of a car accident and get the compensation you deserve.

Our Team Provides Case-Specific Support for Our Clients 

Personal injury victims can get help from our attorneys in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Our team provides high-quality legal representation for those who have been involved in car crashes, acting as a negotiator with the insurance companies and as a litigator if your case goes to court. When you need a car accident lawyer in Mount Prospect, reach out to our team.

Key Services Can Help You Get Compensated Fairly 

When you need legal aid, the Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro can provide high-quality care to help you secure compensation. Your Mount Prospect auto accident attorney can help you gather evidence, organize a strong defense, and represent you in the courtroom if your case goes to trial. That takes the pressure off you so you can focus on healing.

We Get Results for Our Car Accident Clients 

When facing the aftermath of a car accident in Mount Prospect, you want experience on your side, and the Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro delivers. Our team has years of negotiation and trial experience under our belts, and we are prepared to take on your claim. Our many happy clients show we are dedicated to getting our clients the results they need.

Get the Help You Need Navigating Your Negotiations and Lawsuit 

The legal process after a car accident can be complex and difficult to navigate. This is especially true if you do not have legal experience. You may be already juggling your health and recovery. Our law office helps Mount Prospect car accident victims by taking the pressure off them so they can focus on their health while we handle the complexities of the legal process.

We Deal With Many Types of Car Accident Claims 

Our team is prepared to deal with any type of car accident case, including the following:

  • Rollover accidents
  • T-bone accidents
  • Rear-end accidents
  • Fatal crashes
  • Crashes caused by faulty parts
  • Drunk driving accidents

If you have been involved in a car accident, we are prepared to help you navigate your case and get the tools you need for recovery.

Do I Need Support from a Car Accident Attorney in Mount Prospect? 

You may be tempted to deal with the insurance company or handle your case yourself, especially if it seems simple or open-and-shut. However, having legal representation from an attorney experienced in car accident claims like yours can boost your chances of success. These claims are complex, and it’s easy to make a mistake, so seek out guidance from attorneys who can help.

Photo of a car accident

Car Accident Claims Are a Multi-Step Process 

Filing a car accident claim begins with gathering evidence of your injuries and showing that you have a case. You may also need to file this paperwork with the court. Our team of attorneys can provide the support you need to file this paperwork correctly, build your case, and take your claim to court.

Car Accident Laws Can Impact Your Claim 

It’s important to remember that Illinois is a fault state, meaning the person who caused the car accident is legally responsible for that accident. If you are injured by another driver, you and your attorney can file an insurance claim against the driver’s insurance policy. It also means that proving the other driver was at fault and you were not is especially important.

You Have Options for Compensation 

When you are injured in a Mount Prospect car accident, you may be due compensation that covers both your economic and non-economic damages. Your economic damages cover your financial losses, while non-economic damages include any pain and suffering damages. An attorney has the tools and resources to help you appropriately calculate your compensation.

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Clients 

When you have been injured in a car accident, you may feel alone, but our team has helped many injury victims get compensated fairly for the losses they have experienced following an accident. We are prepared to handle any type of personal injury claim to help you get compensated fairly. Below are a few testimonials left by our clients:

  • “I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jack recently. He is very professional and gets the job done. He is always on top of things and communicates effectively. 5 stars all around. I would definitely recommend him to any one looking for a great lawyer.”
  • “I was so pleasantly surprised at the care that Mr. Jack Shapiro gave me. I was involved in an accident in September 2021 and as of August 2022, I already have my settlement, a very generous settlement which I was not expecting. He kept me informed often of the progress he was making. I am so happy that I chose him.”
  • “Awesome service and I would recommend them any day. Both Jack and Dan thoroughly listened to my experience/issues and provided a GREAT service legally.”

Your Car Accident Attorney Is Prepared to Meet Any Challenge for Your Case 

Car accident victims face many challenges that can make recovery difficult, but the Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro is here to address those difficulties. Our representation, starting with a free consultation, can help you recover from the suffering you may have experienced because of your accident. If you are ready to speak with an attorney over a free consultation, you can reach our team by calling or filling out our online contact form.

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