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Being injured because of another’s negligence can be devastating. Motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, slip and fall injuries—all of these can have severe financial and physical consequences. If the accident was caused by another individual, then you might be entitled to financial compensation. The Law Office of Jack M. Shapiro is a personal injury law firm that can provide service to clients near Cook County, IL, and the surrounding areas. Partner with a personal injury lawyer near Mt. Prospect, IL from our firm to receive reliable assistance.

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Jack M. Shapiro is an experienced personal injury attorney and the founder of the firm. He spent years defending companies from personal injury lawsuits but—after seeing just how hard it was for the individuals who’d been injured—decided to change his focus. He uses the knowledge he obtained from defending large companies to create better strategies to help his clients. His goal is ultimately to help you work towards a positive resolution.

Do you need assistance from a personal injury lawyer near Palatine, Cook County, IL? Then consider contacting our firm. We offer free in-person, phone, and Zoom consultations; consider reaching out to learn more.

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